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AICHAIN is developing main net in full swing!

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EOS, in which the famous internet security enterprise 360 found a series of high-risk security vulnerabilities existed some time ago, announced earlier today that one alternative main net had been generated after the efforts of eastern and western communities.
Regardless of any security vulnerabilities, EOS continues pushing online operation of main net with efforts, and further verify the significance of main net from the side.
2008 is an important year for the contest of public chain, and Ethereum, EOS, NEO and Qtum of China are trying all ways to compete with each other. After all,main net will become the bottom-layer operation system of block chain in the future, and the one that grasps main net will grasp the operation system and get the profits in the future.
However, from wide view of the current main net, its main directions of application are Bitcoin, Ethereum, HyperLedger, a majority of competitive currencies, etc., the advantages of main net lie in anyone can easily enter only with one internet-connected computer.
After entering main net, the block chain’s underlying architecture and digital resource dissemination protocol can be built to support third-party developer to build its own application under the open source license and jointly form complete ecology of block chain technology and application with many industry partners.
Meanwhile, third-party developer can also issue token to build its own economic system, develop various applications with focus on the main net of each block chain project sponsor, and utilize token in the public block chain as the certificate in the system.
Therefore, it is understandable that main net is called as the a hotly contested spot.
As one block chain + AI project sponsor, AICHAIN is developing the online work related tomain net in full swing, and relevant information also disclosed that AICHAIN is likely to enable the online operation ofmain net 2 – 3 months in advance compared with the date planned in white paper.
Upon the online operation of main net by AICHAIN, it will be open totally to the public without limitation, DAE platform built by AICHAIN based on the main net will ensure that all resource contributors and users can carry out the digital information transmission and transaction related to block chain.


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