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AICHAIN Attended "World Blockchain Forum . 3AM Summit Meeting, Singapore

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From June 8 to June 9, 2018, “World Blockchain Forum · 3AM Summit Meeting, Singapore” held by World Blockchina Forum and 3AM Summit Meeting was solemnly held in Singapore.
In order to be able to bring splendid cutting-edge sharing to more people paying attention to the summit, the summit known as “Davos Forum” of blockchain invited hundreds of industrial iconic figures, experts and scholars including well-known investor Xue Manzi, initiator of 3AM Yu Hong, initiator of Wang Feng, and founder of Qtum Shuai Chu to attend and focused on sharing and displaying the opinions and achievements of blockchain for two consecutive days.
As an invited project party, CBO of AICHAIN Wang Fang also attended this summit and shared and interacted with the guests and audiences present around the theme “Decentralized Data Asset Trading Platform, AICHAIN Will Create the Future New Business Mode” on the site.
“AICHIAIN will build a benign ecological circle and immediately attract more people to participate in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence so as to truly achieve the benign ecological development of co-building and sharing.” Wang Fang expounded the vision and target of AICHAIN at the beginning of sharing.
Now that it will build a benign ecological circle, then the ecological partners must be essential roles in the ecological circle. Currently, AICHAIN has started cooperation in blockchain projects with enterprises such as EasyLive, BDM, and BingoTalk in the fields such as pan-entertainment, human resources, artificial intelligence education and tourism.
“AICHAIN will provide all the ecological partners with the underlying technology support and help the users to master the trading platform services of safe data assets with DAE Platform (decentralized data asset trading platform initiated by AICHAIN) independently researched and developed by it so as to promote resource sharing and stimulate more people to get profits by resource contributions.” Wang Fang explained when speaking of the support provided by AICHAIN for the ecological partners.
In the present age, big data is the development foundation of every enterprise and institution whether it is a BAT or an entrepreneurial company, and enormous data resources mean unlimited development space.
When introducing the business operation resources of AICHAIN’s ecological partners, Wang Fang said, “EasyLive has data of 30,000,000 users, BDM has data of 3,000 headhunters and data of 5,000,000 users, and BingoTalk has data of more than 10,000 American teachers and 100,000 users…In other words, all the ecological partners of AICHAIN have the common points of large user amount and online operation. AICHAIN is to get through the most central production factor “big data”, the most efficient productivity “artificial intelligence” and the most steady production relationship “blockchain” in the future social economy to achieve the target of establishing a new intelligent world of digital space.”
Then, how can the ecological partners having the big data thoroughly “do well” in the ecological circle of AICHAIN? Based on this question, Wang Fang said, “Ecological partners mainly conduct ecological construction on DAE because AICHAIN has created the authentic right of digital assets on DAE to guarantee that all the resource contribution parties and resource consumption parties can conduct digital information transmission and trading based on it.”
In order to facilitate all to understand it better, Wang Fang gave an example with the ecological partners of AICHAIN, “EasyLive, BDM and BingoTalk can enable all the anchors, headhunters and foreign teachers to share their own digital assets (such as posture characteristics, personality favor, audio and video data and code program) on DAE freely, and then the users can freely select corresponding digital assets, pay AIT to obtain the authorized use and then can freely create their own virtual anchors, virtual vocational counselors and virtual teachers.”
Later, when talking about the value of DAE, Wang Fang said, “AICHAIN will vigorously promote exchange and circulation of AI resources and promote the benign development of the whole ecological circle by the decentralized and safe DAE data asset trading platform provided on AICHAIN; in addition, AI resource profile on this basis can form various kinds of application products and benefit intelligent analysis, intelligent image identification, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent meeting, intelligent shopping, etc.”
At the end of this sharing, Wang Fang also introduced the overall team structure and investment situation of AICHAIN.
By attending this summit, AICHAIN enabled hundreds of millions of guests and audiences paying attention to this summit to learn about AICHAIN in such aspects as vision, ecological system, cooperation and development, team and investment most intuitively, which will play an important role in expanding user groups and accelerating global layout.


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