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AICHAIN Project Progress Report Feb.2018

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Market Promotion
AICHAIN hasofficially entered into strategic cooperative relations with top enterprises
AICHAIN has officially entered intostrategic cooperative relations with top enterprises such as Easy Live,Risfond, National Business Daily, and BingoTalk.
AICHAIN successively cooperated withthe international children's English brand BingoTalk , the top financial mediaNational Business Daily, a well-known headhunting agency Risfond, a newgeneration of social live platform Easy Live, reaching a deep relationship onblockchain and AI domain.The platforms which included the job search serviceplatform Ba DouMao and Hooview will be implemented in the future.
AIT launchedon BCEX、AllCoin
Since February 7, all users have beenable to carry out the AIT/ETH trade on BCEX and ALLCOIN. AICHAIN has alsohosted a series of online incentive activities on BCEX and ALLCOIN in returnfor the supporters.
AICHAINobtained a comprehensive score of 70.45 from the Digital World
Digital World has carried on theoverall project to AICHAIN rating, in the form of standardized rating report,from the size of the market, business model, tokens, distribution, the coreteam, technical architecture, project transparency, promote operation level.AICHAIN finally got comprehensive score of 70.45 (investment advice for a project with astrong comprehensive ability).
AICHAIN CEO Duan Kai wasinvited to attend the "AI+ Blockchain Project Promotion Seminar"
Mr.Duan Kai, CEO and chief architect of AICHAIN, was invited to attend the “2018AI+ Blockchain Project Promotion Meeting”. At the scene, Mr. Duan Kai has sharedand interacted with audiences about the theme of how artificial intelligence isstructured on the blockchain.
AICHAINChinese forum is officially launched
Inorder to provide better communication platform for users and investors, AICHAINChinese community is officially launched. For technology, AIT, community,currency circle, and so on. AICHAIN Chinese community created technologyforefront, AIT forefront, operation forefront ,currency circle , and so on , and in everysection assigned professional management person to operate.
AIT was includedin the HADAX voting list
AITwas successfully selected for the first issue of the listing currencycandidates on HADAX.
AICHAIN CEO Duan Kai has aninterview with the Carbon Chain Value: everyone can assembleAI applications like building blocks
TheCarbon Chain Value has an interview with the founder of AICHAIN, and theunderlying technology, business model and future trend of AICHAIN are discussedin depth.
The Github address ofAICHAIN is open:Check the progress ofthe project at any time
Tohelp users, investors know more clear, transparentAICHAIN project schedule,AICHAIN officially published the Github address.  Now everyone can check AICHAIN projectprogress and AICHAIN technical implementation principles at the first time.
More than 10communities, with a total population of over 100,000
AICHAINnow have 10 official communities in China, each with more than 300 members, andone overseas Telegram group with a population of 78,000.
Chief technicalexpert Gabriel Nones-Newman joins the AICHAIN team
In order to be able to go further inthe technical field as soon as possible, AICHAIN officially named GabrielNones-Newman as the chief technical expert of AICHAIN. His accession willoptimize and adjust the existing technical architecture of AICHAIN. In thefuture, he will also bring more efficient and innovative technologies toAICHAIN in combination with its outstanding performance on the technical level.
CoreTechnology Research Progress
1.    Forthe selection of basic code, it is necessary to reserve sufficient space for technological evolution to deal with the emergence of newtechnologies in the future, so AICHAIN selects the scheme of large blocks asthe starting point.
2.    Copythe code of 0.16.1 version of bitcoin ABC and complete the compilationenvironment configuration.
3.    Changethe name of the project in bitcoind and other description names to AICHAIN, andcompile and test.
1. The lyra2DC algorithm has beenindependently produced and able to run the test independently.
2. Plan to transfer the workload of lyra2DC toAICHAIN project and modify the make file.
3. Sorted out the project after the completionof lyra2DC, and submitted the code merging. The lyra2DC function is notreferenced in the code throughout the test project.
Application ImplementationProgress
1. Cooperatewith Easy Live in two directions: one is to unpick live-chat robot, try torelease in the form of AI parts module, combined by the users for preliminaryresearch and development of preparation and testing, late on released onAICHAIN; the second is to use AIT as a transaction voucher and apply it to liveproduct service or to be used in the activities as tokens.
2. Within theteam, some staff were arranged to work on the design of the implementation planof the AIT payment platform, which was divided into three sub-platforms:account number, recharge and withdraw.
1. Because the geth need a large amount ofstorage and 24-hour network, we choose Ali Cloud as the AIT tokens payment platform,to ensure that the r&d environment to develop a complete blockchain nodetest
2. Operationand maintenance team used 8 servers to complete the foundation environment ofAIT payment platform, and reserved the formal and development environment.
3. Aftercommunicating with the technical team of Easy Live, the interface APIdefinition description document of the AIT payment platform was sorted out. Atthe same time, the team began to refer to the large exchange website.


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