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AICHAIN Project Progress Report Mar.2018

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Market Promotion
Mr. StephenHuntzman who represented AICHAIN team participated in "Ploycon 2018Financial and Blockchain in-depth Seminar"
Based on AICHAIN project, Mr. StephenHuntzman formally introduced the multi-level content of AICHAIN to the overseasusers and investors of the conference. In addition, Mr. Stephen Huntzman alsodiscussed and shared with the participants about the current situation andtrend of the blockchain and AI market, and the technical architecture ofblockchain +AI.
The first stationof AICHAIN global roadshows successfully completed
On March 9, the first roadshow inBeijing was successfully completed,and the roadshow attracted nearly 200 blockchain lovers. At the sametime, the core team of AICHAIN, the investment community, the artificialintelligence community and the media community have all come for the scene.
AICHAINfounder Duan Kai accepted the interview with Iterduo
AICHAIN founder Duan Kai accepted theinterview with Iterduo: AI with blockchain allows users to assemble their ownsmart assistants as needed.
As the blockchain boom hits, how tocombine the two kinds of cutting-edge technology has been a hot topic. Mr.DuanKai talked about the opportunities and challenges of combining blockchain withAI.
AICHAIN becomethe first guest to be invited on ChainQA 100 people
After ChainQA‘s  check in the core team, technology researchand development, operation promotion, application and other aspects ofassessment, finally AICHAIN became the first partnership of the ChainQAproject.
AICHAIN’s strategiccooperation project -- the Ba DouMao is officially launched
The creative jobsearch service platform, BDM.Ai, which is cooperating with Risfond, has beenofficially launched. By providing the free blockchain& human resource mode,AICHAIN will help the Ba DouMao to transform the human resources industry andchange the existing inefficient state of the industry.
CoreTechnology Research Progress
1. Start toreplace the workload proof algorithm, keep the original block HASH ID, andreplace only the workload check part.
2. Manuallymodify the creation block parameter to run the regtest mode.
3. Test inthe regtest mode, complete block generation.
4. Conductthe AIT transaction test in the regtest mode.
1. Increasethe processing code specially used to calculate the parameters of the creationblock.
2. Adjust thedifficulty value in the blockchain parameter, and prepare for the integrationof the mining test within the node.
3. In thebuilt UBUNTU compilation environment, LINKE error occurred, and it was foundthat the error of lyra2DC mining algorithm code was in LINK, and it needed toincrease the -fPIC parameter to modify the configure. Ac and solve it.
Application ImplementationProgress
1. AICHAIN initially completed the backgroundfunction development of the AIT payment platform, and submitted the interface toEasy Live.
2. The basic principle of negotiation is toensure that the internal logic of the Easy Live is as easy as possible. Confirmthe exchange plan between AIT and service, and submit it to the Easy Live.
3. Easy Live start to design the scheme ofrobot disassembling.
1. During the internal testing process of theAIT payment platform, the time stamp and replacement certificate of the AITpayment platform were fixed, and the interface description was updated.
2. AICHAIN is in the process of determiningthe ratio of AIT to Easy money on Easy Live.


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