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Looking for a combination of decentralization and centralization

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     On July 25th, AICHAIN founder and CEO Duan Kai was invited to attend the Future New Economic Summit Forum and Tianfeng Securities 2018 Mid-term Strategy Meeting, which was hosted by Xinhua News Agency and supported by Tianfeng Securities Research Institute.
     In the sub-forum of the strategy meeting, based on the theme of “blockchain empowerment industry and reconstruction of big country economy”, Duan Kai, the other four blockchain experts and project parties conducted in-depth discussions. During the period, Duan Kai made important points such as “finding the combination of decentralization and centralization”.
POAI mechanism can solve the contradiction between decentralization and centralization
    Many people, including me, think that one of the shortcomings of the blockchain lies in the irreconcilable contradiction between decentralization and centralization. Among the consensus part, the AICHAIN solution is the POAI mechanism. AICHAIN will not only provide decentralized data resource transaction services for AI applications, but also control the operation of blockchain through AI technology, use AI technology to analyze and choose algorithms, then select blockchain super nodes, so that the contradiction between centralization and decentralization can be solved.
Project parties such as EOS violated the nature of blockchain
    Many project parties, including EOS, use manual voting to improve the performance of blockchains. However, it is unfair to rely on people to vote for supernodes and it also violates the consensus of blockchains relying on software algorithms. But if one day we rely on artificial intelligence to make this weakly centralized super node choice, or even the only central node choice, it can balance security, fairness and efficiency.
Distributed data records means that all nodes have a data record, and the generated data needs to be wound. But in my opinion, if the data resources are really linked, it means that each node must save a copy, which not only requires more server support, but also requires additional operations to form a chain. Therefore, I am more opposed to the full chain of data resources.
C-end enterprises are more suitable for blockchain than B-side enterprises
    The B2B service does not need to use the blockchain, and does not need to rely on the blockchain to solve the credit problem. Because the company has the legal subject, and the contract can be signed. On the contrary, C-end users rarely use legal means to defend their rights when they encounter problems. Instead, they need blockchain to establish trust with enterprises, because the main purpose of blockchain is to solve the trust problem.
Use strengths and avoid weaknesses when using blockchains
    There is no need to entangle the problem of blockchain efficiency. Finding the right combination of strengths and weaknesses is the key point. Many companies still believe that the key lies in the data uplink. In fact, this is difficult to implement. AICHAIN is based on data not on the link and content protection against theft. That is, the anti-theft key is placed on the chain to protect the data, but the data entity is placed under the chain.
AICHAIN can solve big data efficient centralization development
     Some companies want big data to be used for the most efficient centralized development, but unless the data is handed over to a giant company such as BAT, or it will not solve the trust problem. However, at AICHAIN, on the one hand, What we do is the bottom layer of the blockchain, on the other hand we also builds a DAE trading platform for data resources. This is not for users to use, but mainly let the enterprises complete the integration by themselves.
To find the "life gate" of various industries in the blockchain
     In cooperation with the State Grid, the blockchain does not actually have the opportunity to control the power switch and the core transmission network, but some aspects can use blockchain technology. For example, power recharge and consumption can be linked to terminal equipment, and power control is also same. The charging process is all closed. With the blockchain, the State Grid does not have to worry about the charging pile being destroyed, because it uses low-cost blockchain technology to effectively reduce the cost of protection for funds and recharge records, and it is not necessary to consider A terminal device plus a firewal, either..
     The same is true in the medical field, where the patient's personal information belongs to a patient in principle, but cannot be obtained. AICHAIN's solution is to master the user, but the data is still in the centralized system. The user keeps the encryption key of the medical record. If there is a doctor or a hospital that wants to see your medical record, you can decide whether to authorize it. This greatly improves security and autonomy, while the transformation to traditional systems is not large.

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