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With a total of 40 billion US dollars, what is the secret of the investment l...

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       Recently, according to the news from the Internet, many investment companies are mentioned in the Bitmain IPO document, including AICHAIN, ViaBTC, Hero Entertainment, Circle Internet Financial and many other projects.
       As a blockchain company that is about to land in Hong Kong stocks, the market value of Bitmain is expected to reach 40 billion US dollars!
So, what is the project invested by a $40 billion market capitalization company? What role do these investment choices play in the industrial layout of Bitmain?
AI+blockchain company - AICHAIN
      AICHAIN is an AI+blockchain project that has been investing a lot of resources and energy to study how AI can help blockchain to improve efficiency. Achieving a bit of Bitmain investment, AICHAIN and Bitmain have deep cooperation in intelligent hardware and system ecology. Among them, based on the "POAI Consensus Mechanism" proposed by AICHAIN, both parties use AI chips to assist in the AI arbitration to select super nodes, which can further improve the efficiency and security of POAI, and realize the aim of using distributed AI technology to select the only super node. It is said that POAI performance can reach hundreds of thousands of TPS, which is dozens of times more than the current EOS and other public chains. Without human participation, the introduction of AI technology not only ensures security fairness, but also greatly improves the performance of the blockchain, and real industry applications are gradually becoming a reality.
Bitmain has always been very optimistic about the AI field. As the only AI company in the investment layout, the strategic cooperation with AICHIAN will also play an important role in promoting the AI+ blockchain ecological chain.
Mine research and development - ViaBTC
     ViaBTC's main business is the Bitcoin mining pool service. Since its launch, it has maintained the top five in the global average, and the mining pool HashRate accounts for about 7% of the total network HashRate. It has developed the world's leading bitcoin mining pool and launched several competitive coin pools and cloud mining contract products.
    Acquired by Bitmain's investment, ViaBTC deepened its team recruitment and business expansion, and began to explore the expansion of business layout, while deepening the domestic and overseas bitcoin trading platform.
As the largest domestic mining machine manufacturer, investing in ViaBTC will be an expansion of Bitmain in the development of bitcoin mining machine.
Based on the global vision and the goal of pan entertainment, Hero Entertainment is committed to providing high-quality mobile game content and experience to users at home and abroad, and to create a world-leading interactive entertainment brand.
After obtaining the investment in Bitmain, in projects for overseas users based on user experience and developing and launching blockchain, Hero Entertainment has gone from simple technology to technology application stage and has clear application scenarios.
For this investment, Bitmain CEO Wu Jihan said: "The blockchain technology will bring profound changes to the game industry."
Launched USD Coin - Circle
      As a blockchain one-stop financial services organization, Circle has developed and launched Circle Invest, Circle Trade and Circle Pay.
After gaining investment in Bitmain, the two parties will cooperate to launch the certificate USD Coin that based on the open source architecture CENTRE, which is a stable currency linked to the US dollar.
      Bitmain investing in Circle is also looking to promote a new global economy based on crypto assets, distributed contracts, open source and blockchain.
For an upcoming $10 billion company, Bitmain's investment layout is also of concern to the industry. In this IPO file circulated on the Internet, it can be seen that Bitmain is ambitious in the fields of AI+ blockchain, bitcoin mining machine and games.


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